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Greek referendum: what happens now?

Greeks were writing a new chapter of the European history. With over 90% of the vote counted, more than 61% of ballots have been cast for "Oxi"/NO in the bailout referendum that rejected deeper austerity measures, proposed by European creditors.

The final countdown

It is a crucial moment in the Greek debt-crisis drama. Tzipras has become trapped between his promises to end austerity and bring growth to Greece and the refusal of Greece’s creditors to bend to his wishes. He announced to put Europe's latest offer to a referendum vote and decided to mount a "no" campaign.

Ue: securing social standards in the TTIP

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: results of the hearing on the social and economic aspects

Germany’s turn?

External demand determined Germany’s performance over the past 15 years. But now needs structural reforms to stimulate consumption and investments

The Russian deterrent gas trap

While Europeans’ perception is that Europe needs Russian gas, actually it is exactly the other way around.